Mogwai are an incredibly great band from Glasgow, Scotland, who have been making some of the greatest instrumental rock music ever since forming in 1995. I’ve been a huge fan of them since the late 90s, and they’ve put out 8 full length albums, along with some live albums and compilations. They majority of their music ranges from dark and melodic guitar-based songs, to intense, bombastic songs with distortion that lasts for days. They’re one of my favorite bands to see live, bar none.

Within their discography are several softer songs where the interplay between their guitars really shines. You still have to get through the louder parts of the albums to get to them, which makes it all the more great that they’ve put out a few film scores / television soundtracks since 2006 that capitalize on their softer side. Les Revenants, released in 2013, is exactly that: Mogwai at their finest with the guitar assault turned down, in a television score for a French supernatural drama set in a small mountain town where dead people reappear alive, and totally normal. I’ve not seen the series yet, but having listened to this album dozens of times, I have to imagine it’s pretty good if the music is any indication of the mood of the show. I think this is a good starting point for anyone unfamiliar with Mogwai; you get some hints of their louder side, but overall it’s pretty mellow by comparison to their other albums. The full album on Youtube and Spotify are included below.

Mogwai Official Website