Endless Falls, by Loscil, was an album that made a lot of sense to listen to this past weekend as it was raining – not so much for the raindrops on the cover image, but for music that just seems perfect for watching grey clouds float past and wanting the right music to accompany that. For some reason I always imagine this being music I’d hear underwater, or accompanying slow-moving underwater videos.

Loscil is the project of Vancouver based composer Scott Morgan. Morgan’s background in Vancouver’s independent music scene as a drummer and guitarist and his academic composition studies at Simon Fraser University culminated in the creation of Loscil in the late 1990’s. With Loscil, Morgan explores the marriage of electronic production and acoustic instrumentation to create “…stark landscapes that are evocative, earthly, anything but abstract, and so much more than merely ‘ambient’.” (The Quietus, UK).

Endless Falls is a really outstanding ambient album, full of warm, droning loops, that often become a percussion of sorts within themselves. There’s a nice review here if you’re interested. The opening track Endless Falls is included below, along with the full Spotify playlist.

Loscil Official Website