As you’ll notice from time to time, I love snowboarding. Even living in the Midwest I’m really fortunate to get in more than a dozen days each season in Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois. My thirst for mountains much larger than what we have around here is often satisfied with repetitive viewings of new snowboard films throughout the year, and the progression of filming and photography in the past few years has helped film crews capture snowboarding and scenery like never before.

One of the companies making some of the best work out there these days is Teton Gravity Research. In the snowboard realm they’ve released Jeremy Jones’ adventure/snowboard films Deeper and Further, along with  ski documentary The Dream Factory, chronicling the evolution of big mountain skiing in Alaska. The work that goes into capturing epic riding and terrain is no easy task, but technology seems to be progressing as fast as film crews need it to top what they’ve done before. The reel above shows video work done with Gyro-Stabilized Systems’ C520, their largest and newest 5-axis gyro-stabilized platform. Teton Gravity Research are the first to acquire  the system, which can be mounted on helicopters, automobiles, boats, and planes, and works with existing cameras like the RED Epic and Sony F55 that shoot at 4K resolution, as well as future camera technology.

While Expedition Bureau is mostly focused on photography, we plan on occasionally sharing video work when it helps present breathtaking scenery and adventures. Expect a bit of snowboarding as well – it’s sometimes all I think about.