A few months ago, photographer Tim Navis updated his website with the culmination of a complete shift to film-based photography, using a medium format Pentax camera, and 55mm and 105mm lenses. His images of the American West are stunning not only in what they capture, but also in how there’s really no way someone could pull this off convincingly with a digital setup. As I’ve found an interest in shooting film over the past year myself, I have an even greater appreciation for what goes into a good shot, and Tim seems perfectly in his element with so many of these new photos. Having talked to him often online, the beauty of his images goes perfectly with his approach to capturing something pure and timeless.

From his website:

My photography focusses on vast, seemingly barren landscapes of the American West photographed on analog, black and white film. I use film because I prefer working within the inherent limitations, constraints, boundaries and consequences of the medium because I’m able to create a more coherent narrative. Digital formats lack these characteristics and provides an infinite amount of ways a photograph can be interpreted, and things can become overly analytical and complicated.

Black and white allows me to dissolve any inkling of what era a photo was taken in and gives the photographs an anonymous grit that is paramount to my vision.

Embracing the vastness of the American West, I revel in the idea of living off the grid. The American West is my home and my inspiration to live a simpler, quieter life that is rich with beauty. I’ve become obsessed with taming extremely harsh environments through photography to make them appear tranquil and familiar.

More information:

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