If you’re a photography lover, hopefully you’ve come to learn of LA photographer Tim Navis over the past few years; his work is often found on a variety of design blogs and photography sites, such as iso50, where he is one of several contributors to the blog. Tim got into photography around 2007 as a means of photographing his artwork. In the following years, he evolved into taking photos for modelling agencies, as well as taking portraits of artists and musicians. What you’ve probably come to see most around the web though, are his stunning photos of the mountains and deserts within and surrounding California. Tim was also part of a group that in 2011 used Kickstarter to fund a week long trip to Iceland to make a documentary, produce original music, and take a ton of photos. I was fortunate to see the movie premiere here in Chicago, and the movie perfectly captured the spirit of getting out and enjoying the world around us. The project can be found here.

Starting this past March, Tim embarked on perhaps the ultimate expedition: walking across America. He left his job and life behind in LA, drove across the country to Delaware, and started a walk back to the west coast along the American Discovery Trail. He’s chronicling his journey on, posting regular blogs, and interviewing and photographing artists and other people that he meets along the way. It’s quite an undertaking, and I don’t think he’s posted an ETA on when he expects to arrive back in California.

Tim’s journey is something many can envy. We all daydream about giving up jobs, responsibilities, and other things we’re attached to so that we can pursue a hobby or interest. For most though, reality makes that impossible, so it’s all the more impressive to see someone making a dream like that possible. It’s just him and all his backpack can hold, aided by many generous people he’ll encounter along the way. It’s a massive challenge, and it will be  inspiring and impressive to see how it progresses.

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