Photo By: Cuba Gallery

Photo By: Dasha Riabchenko

Photo By: Henrik Kalliomäki

If you’re looking for a daily dose of incredible landscape photography, take a look at the Expedition Bureau Tumblr I started this Tumblr in 2011 as a way of sharing my own photography within the Tumblr community, and it quickly evolved to include photography by numerous people found on Tumblr and Flickr. You could say it was a precursor to starting Expedition Bureau; finding and sharing inspiring photography has always been a fun process, and it’s nice to be doing it on an even larger scale with this website.

StandHereForever is an attempt to collect and share images from places that we’d never want to leave, and where we’d want to stay as long as we could to consume the beauty of the place. In my travels, I’ve had that moment happen so many times: not wanting to move or get back in the car to get to the next place, or wishing I could adjust a daily agenda to peacefully stand and stare at a vast landscape, realizing how amazing the natural world around us can be. I’ve always had rules for the images I share on the site: No man made objects should be visible. No people. No long exposures. No HDR. No aerial shots from planes.No black and whites. Just the view that a solitary person could see in the blink of an eye, accepting of course the effects of film or reasonable digital processing. It makes the quest for great images interesting.

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