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Pascal Küng is from Widen, Switzerland, and got his start in photography in 2010. He was soon doing photography for a friend's band, and soon found a serious love for outdoor photography. Not many photographers mention the importance of music to their photo process, but Pascal thrives on having the right music playing in his headphones when he's out enjoying nature. His feature includes photos from a fishing lake in northern Sweden - a place well worth daydreaming escaping to. Pascal was one of our featured photographers on Instagram in early August, and was selected by Expedition Bureau.

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Tell us about the location in the photos.

The place is a nature fishing point up in northern Sweden. It’s around two hours from the capital of Oslo. It is in the middle of nowhere and it has so much nature in different kinds of ways. Three friends and I always go every year in the summer to this place for fishing and being outside and feeling the nature and silence. For me this place is an inspiration and paradise to do my photography in a way how I think that for myself, it could describe my soul and my life on earth. My experience in this place is that I can find so many details of nature.

Mostly when I go photographing I listen to music and pull in from the mood around me. Every single day there is a different kind of mood which makes this place magic.

When you are there you will find so much beautiful and unaffected nature, woods and clear lakes for fishing. As a photographer you can come into a real nature world which is very exciting. This place means a lot because it is like a dreamworld – I call it “Paracosm Dream World.”

How did you get started in photography?

I started doing photography three years ago, back in 2010. I bought a Canon EOS 550D just to try out and take some pictures. I didn’t think that photography would become my passion. A good friend asked me if I could do some pictures for his band and their live concerts. So I began to take photos of them. More and more I came into live concert photography. It was a lot fun and I am still working with the band; I am their live concert and offstage photographer. The band is called Al Pride and I was involved to do there booklet for the new CD which came out this year in spring.

At the same time at home I went out and tried in nature photography. I fell more and more in love with nature photography because you can bring so many details and emotions out in the pictures. I love this kind of photography when you can look at a pictures and you can make your own personal thoughts and emotions come to you.

In 2010 I went for the first time with three friends to Sweden and this was my real first experience with nature photography. So I started to make trips to places where nature is all over. Ireland was also a destination which I loved – because the mood of the country is so special with all the clear green fields and the rainy, sunny, and windy weather.

This summer in 2013 I was in Holland / The Netherlands for sailing with my girlfriend. This was also a beautiful and inspiring time. We were on an old sailing boat and we sailed to little islands. The ocean is endless, and the mood which you can feel and see every second is magical. This kind a way I like to make my nature photography. In the future I am planing to go to Iceland, Canada, or Alaska to find out about some more beautiful nature and magic places in our world.

Does anything in particular influence your photography style?

My biggest inspiration is the musician Washed Out. I love the music he makes – chillwave and dreampop. It’s inspiring because the music gives you a feeling of dreaming and thinking of life. In my photography I also want to give people a kind a dreamworld which they can think and dream about life. I like the colors and themes which Washed Out uses in his videos and photos.

What photography gear do you use?

I have one Camera. It is an Canon EOS 550D with 18-135mm zoom. In the future I am planing to tune up my photography gear. I want to get a better lens for my 550D which gives me more light and clearness in the pictures. I use my the 550D for live concerts, offstage shots, and nature photography.

Are there any products or things you swear by?

For my kind of photography I always need music with me. Wherever I go I take music with me and listen to it. Music is very important part of it. I am actually a day dreamer who loves to feel the mood of music, photography and moments of nature and life.

What is your dream adventure photography location?

My dream destination for photography at the moment is Sweden and Norway. In the future my dream destination are Canada, Iceland and Alaska.



Name Pascal Küng
Location Widen, Switzerland
Featured In Issue Two - August 2013
Gear & Equipment CANON EOS 550D, 18-35mm
Websites Facebook, Instagram
Chosen By Expedition Bureau


  1. This is an awesome set of photographs! Love discovering new artists!

  2. Alex L. Ferraro

    Incredible photos of him . Frankly, I do not know any bad photos by Pascal Küng . He is also a man with a big heart filled with love and dreams . He sets goals , and pursues these . When he falls , he gets up and continues . His paintings reflect his back souls . They say more than words could ever describe . I study with Him social education at a university and I know what takes for a work on himself , in addition to studying and photographing .

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