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Rooms With A View: Apollo Bay House – Tasmania




Many photographers are on a constant quest for new travel destinations and unforgettable views. Even more people wish they could have these views everyday from their own homes. Homes that integrate well into the surrounding environment and maximize beautiful views seem like the perfect place for photographers to continuously be inspired, even if they’re not out exploring the rest of the world.

The Apollo Bay House, by Room 11, is exactly such a place. Currently under construction in Tasmania, the home fits wonderfully into the landscape as if it’s rising from a stone wall that existed for hundreds of years. The windows ensure that the views of the surrounding lake and hills are always on display. Room 11 are a group of architects operating out of Melbourne and Hobart, Australia. Their portfolio of completed and in-progress projects includes numerous residences and buildings that perfectly integrated into their surroundings, and offer equally wonderful views. I envy the person who can sit on the deck above and watch the world go by.

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