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Greenpeace Into The Arctic – North Pole Expedition

Unfortunately, I came across this incredible project about a half month after it was completed, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting to spend time reading about. The Greenpeace Into The Arctic project is an effort to both explore the frozen Arctic ocean, and educate people about the dangers of the oil industry as […]

Destinations - April 30, 2013

Sigma Introduces World’s First F1.8 Constant Aperture Zoom Lens

Sigma has announced a new 18-35mm F1.8 standard zoom lens – the first of its kind – that achieves a maximum aperture F1.8 throughout the entire zoom range. From the Sigma website: This revolutionary, wide aperture, standard zoom lens is created for DSLR cameras with APS-C size sensors, which translates to a focal range of 27-52.5mm on […]

Products - April 19, 2013

Site Launch and First Issue Updates

I’m really excited to get the site up today after finally wrapping up the last bit of setup this afternoon. I’m even more excited to keep working on the first issue and get it up before the end of the month. There are a few photographers lined up already, and I think their submissions are […]

News & Updates - April 9, 2013

Video Reel: GSS G520 Gyrostabalized Camera Platform

As you’ll notice from time to time, I love snowboarding. Even living in the Midwest I’m really fortunate to get in more than a dozen days each season in Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois. My thirst for mountains much larger than what we have around here is often satisfied with repetitive viewings of new snowboard films […]

Products, Video - April 9, 2013

Chris Hadfield – Photos From The International Space Station

Commander Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut currently working aboard the International Space Station. He previously flew two space shuttle missions, was the first Canadian to walk in space, and is also the first Canadian to command the ISS. I recently came across his photography on a news program, and he’s been pretty prolific in […]

Photographers - April 9, 2013

Walking Across America: Tim Navis – American Outlier

If you’re a photography lover, hopefully you’ve come to learn of LA photographer Tim Navis over the past few years; his work is often found on a variety of design blogs and photography sites, such as iso50, where he is one of several contributors to the blog. Tim got into photography around 2007 as a […]

Photographers - April 9, 2013

Lake Baikal Crossing by 4WD

The Lake Baikal Crossing tour from looks like an incredible opportunity to see some really captivating scenery surrounding the deepest and most voluminous lake in the world. Lake Baikal is thought to be the world’s oldest lake, at about 25 million years old. The lake and surrounding area hosts 1,085 species of plants and […]

Destinations - April 4, 2013

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