Tell us about the location in the photos.

I sought out a weeklong journey in the Pacific Northwest United States, but particularly Olympic National State Park. What intrigued me about this park was that you could encounter rain forests, gorgeous snowy views, waterfalls, beaches and everything in between in one park. Many folks had told me that April was a poor time to go because of heavy rainfall and the Olympics already hold the highest amount of rain for any national park so most folks stay away. I was fortunate that April keeps most everyone away, and I was out there in solitude. Once I got a fair bit into the park, I lost cell connection. I stayed in Sol Doc Hot Springs in complete solitude with a notebook, and I purchased a handful of postcards to write to all the folks I normally talk to. I took many solo hikes through some spectacular places, and you shouldn’t be afraid to go it alone as long as you’re prepared and careful. Every inch of that park is absolutely gorgeous, and there’s no shortage of things to do in there.

While out northwest I had a mantra of sorts that if I came to question any possible action such as “Should I climb that?”, “Should I take my shoes off and go in the water?”, “Should I got the extra mile up this trail?” that my answer could never be no. For right now, this is my only chance to explore this area and any no’s would lead to regrets. Since then, I’ve kept the same mantra for all of my adventures. It’s amazing to conquer fears and discover new things.

How long have you been a photographer?

Back in school at Savannah College of Arts and Design, I took a photo for the non-major course and prematurely had to buy a Canon Rebel and resulted in me spending a whole quarter of school with no money. Since then, I’ve read every manual for every camera I’ve owned, rented countless lenses and asked every photographer I look up to many many questions. In my other profession of design, I find it beneficial to know the hand-craft of that hobby, so with photography I’ve gotten to know how to develop and process 35mm film and explore lots of different cameras. I would take so many pictures at concerts because that interested me the most, and then I started a local blog that caught on and I got to shoot music photos for different publications and folks.

Does anything in particular influence your photography style?

Yes. There’s a few photographers that I discovered early on that influenced what I wanted to achieve. The most prominent was Keith Davis Young from Austin. I loved this idea of slice of life photos but also capturing this emptiness that comes along with so many scenic photos. I’m also influenced and grateful to what Visual Supply Company provides in terms of emulating classic films.

What photography gear do you use?

My camera bag is too full at all times. I mainly shoot with a Canon 7D with a 50mm 1.4 lens or 20mm 2.8 for landscapes. I love fixed lenses because you have to frame the picture by moving around. It’s a huge challenge. I also shoot film with a basic Canon AE-1 and a Fujifilm Instax 200 and Holga 35MM for fun.

Are there any products you swear by?

I couldn’t do what I do without Apple’s Aperture program. If there’s a perfect program in this world to me, it is that. I got Apple certified in Aperture a while back, and it’s essential to my organization and workflow. A previously mentioned, I worship VSCO‘s set of film emulations as it allows me to get closer to the films I would have shot with 35MM, and not a complete way to just make a retro photo. VSCO gets a bad reputation for being in that hipster filter category, and it’s a great learning tool for curves and levels. I couldn’t answer this without mentioning the community on Instagram as well. They are invaluable.

What is your dream adventure photography location?

Iceland. I’ve been planning to visit there for a few years. I’m constantly looking at other’s pictures and getting ideas, but also feeling jealous. I am hoping next year is the year I’ll make it out there in the spring to explore every inch of it.



Name Tim Lampe
Location Atlanta, GA
Featured In Issue One - June 2013
Gear & Equipment Gear & Equipment Canon 7D, Canon AE-1, Fujifilm Instax 200, Holga 35MM
Websites TimLampe.com, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram
Chosen By Expedition Bureau