I’ve known that EB Issue One photographer Tim Navis was working on a new portfolio site for a quite a few months, so it was exciting to see that the new site was launched yesterday. It’s filled with an impressive collection of film and digital photography from the past six years, plenty of which he shot this year around the western United States. I’ve gotten to know Tim a bit over the past year, and I always get the impression that he’s on a quest to capture a strong sense of purity in the places he visits. He is often a solitary soul out exploring the beauty of this country, and so much of his work makes you feel that there isn’t another person around for hundreds of miles. Throughout his photo galleries, you’ll find info about the locations and the time he spent there, helping add another layer to the stories told through the photos themselves. It’s a stunning collection that is sure to inspire. Visit Navis Photography.

Glacier National Park – Digital

Painted Hills, Oregon – Digital

Mount Princeton, Colorado – Film

Saddle Tramp – Film

Alvord Desert, Oregon – Digital

All photos © Tim Navis