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Jay Larson is from St. Paul, Minnesota, and I've known him through Instragram and an online design forum for a few years. I've always been drawn to his photography because his Instagram feed is regularly updated with images of past trips to mountains, waterfalls, and a lot of great urban imagery. His images for this issue are from Lake Superior's northern shores. I love when photos like his draw me to learn more about a region of the United States that I've never been to, and that area of Lake Superior could be mistaken for something along the west coast.


Tell us about the location in the photos.

Minnesota’s Northern Shore has Lake Superior, the largest body of freshwater in the world, that is fed by hundreds of creeks and rivers, rapids and waterfalls. Truly a land of wonder. Especially since it is quite secluded, expect in the fall and on the more popular trails.

How did you get started in photography?

It was more of a renaissance really. I was into photography on and off as a kid and through college. But it wasn’t really until a long road trip out west that really got me into photography again. I had a point and shoot, 1.3 mega pixel digital camera. I could adjust the exposure level manually. But that was it. No frills. The “zoom” was actually a cropped-in image. Sure it made it look great on screen, but looked terrible on the computer.

What is your dream adventure photography location?

Pategonia: Torres Del Paine, Mt Fitzroy, and Cerro Torre. I’m a mountain man— what can I say?!



Name Jay Larson
Location St. Paul, MN
Featured In Issue One - June 2013
Gear & Equipment Nikon D700, iPhone
Websites JayLarsonDesign.com, Flickr, Instagram
Chosen By Expedition Bureau

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  1. Lovely work Jay!

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