Marble Canyon, British Columbia

Seth Hardie is a photographer and designer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I came to know of Seth in early 2012 when he posted an article on iso50 about making geometric art with various iPhone apps that became a huge inspiration to me as I was starting to make similar images. Seth's imagery - whether geometric art or photo edits - has a distinct style that definitely takes work to pull off so that the right mood is presented. His photos of Marble Canyon in British Columbia combine his stylized approach to photos with a somewhat apocalyptic surroundings of the forests and mountains. Seth was chosen by featured photographer Owen Perry.


Tell us about the location in the photos.

Marble Canyon is on the Kootenay Highway between Banff and Radium Hot Springs On. It’s not hard to find and is barely even a hike to get to. I love to explore and often I find the harder the destination is to get to the bigger the reward, but not in this case. The irony is I drove past it for years and just happened to stop there for a break one summer.

To me the most captivating part of this area is that there was a massive forest fire that swept through about a decade ago. It left the haunting black and grey bones of a forest and lush green growth of new life. It’s a striking contrast and is a bit of a surreal experience. I’ve been several times in winter and summer and every time it’s been a unique experience.

How did you get started in photography?

My dad gave me his Canon FTb when I turned 18, complete with a zoom lens, teleconverter, wide angle and of course a 50mm lens, it even had a few filters. It took me a little while to figure it but with some instruction and a lot of trial and error I got used to it. It really taught me how to use a camera and understand what’s going on. There’s nothing digital on it at all. It has is a coin size battery that powers a needle which is your light meter and thats it.

The first time I used a digital camera was in school. I signed it out from the library. It was this beast that was probably only 2mp and was worth well over $1000. A few years later I got a point and shoot with some manual controls and then eventually I got a canon 40d which I kept for a long time. More recently I downgraded to a Canon xsi and mostly shoot with my iPhone. I’ve shoot some portraits but I mostly prefer trees.


Does anything in particular influence your photography style?

I love landscapes, and I love design, so mixing them has come naturally. It’s hard for me to name any particular influences but I love Edward Burtynsky, Kim Høltermand, and of course Ansel Adams but I also love the style of Benoit Paillé and his creativity with light and how he captures people. But honestly my biggest source of inspiration is Instagram. It’s always there and theres always great stuff to find. The real beauty of it is you can interact with the photographers, meet new people and even work on each others photos. I realize signing the praises of something SO mainstream (and that is often just vessel for the day to day mundane) may seem strange to some but there are some real gems on there.

What photography gear do you use?

I mostly use my iPhone 4s but if I know I’m going to want to do more with the photos I have a Canon xsi and I still have my dads old Canon FTb. I prefer to shoot with a 50mm but on trips I’m lazy and usually take a wide zoom lens. I have a few Holgas kicking around and a couple Polaroid sx-70’s.

Are there any products you swear by?

I’ve actually been enjoying Camera Bag II (for desktop). It’s lightweight and great for quick edits. Lightroom is my main editor for desktop and on the phone Afterlight, Mextures and Picfx are my favourites.

What is your dream adventure photography location?

Probably Iceland. Yep its Iceland. Nuff said.



Name Seth Hardie
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Featured In Issue Four - January 2014
Gear & Equipment Cameras: Canon xs, Canon FTb, iPhone 4s, Polaroid sx-70, and a few Holgas
Websites Website, Instagram, Twitter
Chosen By Owen Perry

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  1. These are all great! There’s something haunting about the fog and trees and the color just sets it all off. Nice work.

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