Issue Two – August 2013


Welcome to the second issue of Expedition Bureau. I’ve been thrilled with the response received for the first issue, both from participating photographers and viewers. I’ve also been building a nice presence on Instagram this summer, feature five eye-catching photos each Tuesday to help promote photographers I discover on a daily basis. And there’s lot more in store within the next few months! I’m looking to add weekly photographer profiles to our blog, and get a shop up and running featuring photo prints from each issue, as well as artwork. All of my goals center on sharing talented photographers and travelers with people who aspire to do the same things in their own lives to enjoy the world around them.

For those of you new to the site, Expedition Bureau is a bi-monthly web magazine about photographers and their favorite adventures. The first issue, published in June 2013, featured six photographers selected from across the web who seemed like they would have something great to share about their photography, a favorite photo expedition, their inspiration, and other things. Many people browse photography at a rapid pace these days, consuming images in a split-second before moving on to something else. I wanted to know more about some of my favorite images, and the people behind them. But I also wanted to give them the opportunity to do the same for photographers and friends that inspire them, and Issue Two does exactly that: five of the photographers in this issue were selected by those in Issue One, with a sixth selected by Expedition Bureau.

Issue Two Photographers

Alexandre Buisse is from Chamonix, France, the mountaineering capital of the world. He grew up in Lyon, France, and has traveled the world as a climber, skier, and paraglider and commercial mountain photographer. He has written two books on mountain photography, and also teaches photography workshops. His feature includes awe-inspiring photos from the mountains in Chamonix – something few of us will ever have the thrill of doing, but that all of us would probably jump at opportunity to. Alexandre was chosen by Issue One photographer Tim Navis.

Bastian Kalous is from Freyung, Germany, and likely doesn’t even own a digital camera. He uses expired film and Polaroid film with a wide viarety of film-based cameras. He’s part of a growing group of photographers turning to expired and instant film for unique and unpredictable images. His feature includes photos of the Bavarian National Forest in Germany. Bastian was chosen by Issue One photographer Jeremy Klapprodt.

Jakub Polomski is from Cieszyn, Poland, and got his start as a photographer about eight years ago after being inspired by photos in National Geographic and borrowing a camera from a friend. He has won numerous contests since 2007, and perhaps most meaningful to him was winning the National Geographic Poland award for first place in the Polish Landscape category. His feature includes photos from a trip to Argentina and Patagonia – a five day trip he won in a photography contest. The landscape there looks absolutely amazing. Jakub was chosen by Issue One photographer Benoit Falardeau.

Pascal Küng is from Widen, Switzerland, and got his start in photography in 2010. He was soon doing photography for a friend’s band, and soon found a serious love for outdoor photography. Not many photographers mention the importance of music to their photo process, but Pascal thrives on having the right music playing in his headphones when he’s out enjoying nature. His feature includes photos from a fishing lake in northern Sweden – a place well worth daydreaming escaping to. Pascal was one of our featured photographers on Instagram in early August, and was selected by Expedition Bureau for this issue.

Diego Guevara is a photographer, art director, and designer from Miami, Florida. He runs a great blog about design, advertising, illustration, and photography, He got started in photography in 2008, honing his craft in all sorts of settings including nature, architecture, editorial, weddings, and more. His feature includes photos from New York City, proving that not ever great expedition has to take place far from civilization. Diego was chosen by Issue One photographer Jay Larson.

Sacha Leclair is from Otawa, Canada, and he has been a photographer for several years. His Instagram feed is filled with a wide variety of images, many exhibiting warm textures and great use of saturation to capture the mood of the world around him. His feature includes photos from the Mont-Tremblant ski resort located 2 hours from Ottawa – rolling hills, endless trees, and paths that seem to go on forever. Sacha was chosen by Issue One photographer Ricardo Gomes.

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