Issue Three – October 2013


Welcome to Expedition Bureau Issue Three. I hope that you are as inspired by the features in this issue as I am – I continue to be thrilled by what participants have to say about being outdoors and how they use photography to capture their adventures. Each of these features, and those in previous issues, should make you aspire to get outside, breathe fresh air, and use photography to make memories of what you see. Not to be hard on the Midwest, but as a Chicagoan, this region is obviously lacking in spectacular terrain, mountains, and scenery similar to what’s featured on EB. I know I’m not alone in wishing that mountains, national parks, and amazing coastlines were just a little closer. It’s a problem I just kind of cope with.

That problem, though, is one that creates some great opportunities. For starters, the fun part about viewing adventure photography is trying to figure out how you can visit the same places you see in books, magazines, and on the web. My list of future destinations has grown quite a bit thanks to these first three issues, and through exploring the portfolios of the featured photographers. I really hope to plan future adventures around meeting some of these photographers in their own countries to take photos and experience new places.

A lack of spectacular scenery in your own city also creates an opportunity to look closer to home and find places that are fun to explore within a few hours drive. Though I live in Chicago, Texas will always be home, and I’m really glad to share an adventure of my own in this issue, from a place just an hour or so west of Austin that has fascinated me since I was seven year old. No matter what you have around you, there are always opportunities to explore, learn, and advance your photography skills.

There is an incredible world around us. Natural things, beautiful things, awe inspiring things. Places that can be incredibly personal even when they’re experienced by thousands at the same time, and places where few people go that can be special to just one person. Get out and take photos, make memories, and be inspired. That’s what the world is here for.

I’m also introducing something new with this issue that I plan on doing again with each new one. Throughout putting this together, I’ve kept a running playlist in Spotify of new and older music that kept me excited and motivated to be in front of my computer for hours at a time. I can’t do much without good music in my ears, so if you’re a Spotify user, have a listen, and enjoy. The playlist is located at the bottom of this page.

Finally, if you’re not following Expedition Bureau on the web, be sure and follow on Instagram for a weekly selection of eye-catching photos every Tuesday, and on Tumblr at, a growing collection of landscape photography from Flickr and Tumblr users. EB is on Facebook, too.

Issue Three Photographers

Dan Isaac Wallin is from Gothenburg, Sweden, and is the third photographer featured in an issue whose photography consists entirely of film-based images. He got his start in photography in 1996 and has been going strong ever since. His feature includes some really outstanding images of the Judean Desert in Israel, taken with a wooden pinhole camera and Polaroid film. Dan was chosen by Issue Two photographer Bastian Kalous.

Owen Perry is a Canadian photographer living in Whistler, British Colombia. As a mountain biker, skier, and surfer, he’s been able to visit some amazing places and capture some beautiful scenery with a camera. His online portfolio is sure to make you envious of the outdoor locations available in Canada. His feature includes photos of the Scottish Highlands around Glencoe, Isle of Skye, and the Glenfinnan Viaduct. Owen was chosen by Issue Two photographer Sacha LeClair.

Matt & Agnes Hage are from Anchorage, Alaska, and they are fortunate enough to have built a photography business and lifestyle around exploring some incredible places around the world. They’ve climbed Mt. Denali, skied in the Arctic, kayaked thousands of miles on the Yukon River, and have taken assignments for clients in New Zealand, Iceland, the Himalayas, Patagonia, and other remarkable places. Their feature includes photos from an assignment in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California that consisted of a 200-mile trek from Kings Canyon to Yosemite Valley. Matt and Agnes were chosen by Issue Two photographer Alexandre Buisse.

Lance Gerber from La Quinta, California, is a photographer who primarily focuses on architectural photography, having built an impressive collection of client work from around the Los Angeles and Palm Desert areas. It’s his landscape photography, though, that caught EB’s attention on Instagram, and a photo of a lonely cabin in Holcomb Valley, California was one of the Instagram favorites back in August. His feature includes some really nice long exposure shots of the Perseid Meteor Shower taken at Joshua Tree National Park earlier this year. These are some seriously inspiring photos for anyone hoping to get into night and long exposure photography.

Julian Brezden is another photographer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that I’ve come to know through Instagram. His feed is filled with a mix of landscapes, sunsets, and urban images from around Canada and New York City. One of his images of Banff National Park was an EB Instagram favorite back in August, and his feature in Issue Three includes some beautiful images of Banff taken during various day trips. I would kill to have a place like this within a four hour drive!

Michael Gallegly is from Chicago, Illinois, and is Expedition Bureau’s founder. His passion for travel and photography have taken him to Iceland, Ireland, Italy, and Paris in the past few years, as well as Colorado and the California coast. He is drawn to untouched, natural landscapes that help you imagine a world before technology and population growth took over so much of it. His feature includes photos from Enchanted Rock State Park, located in his home state of Texas.

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