Issue Six – June 2014


Welcome to Expedition Bureau Issue Six. This issue marks the first year anniversary for EB’s bi-monthly issues, and I am completely grateful to each of the photographers who have taken the time to share their photography and stories of adventure and inspiration since the first issue in June 2013. Running this site has been a complete labor of love for me: when I started EB I was out of work and really happy to have the time to devote to getting this off the ground. A year later, it’s a challenge to fit it all in alongside full time freelance work and a busy life, but I completely enjoy the time it takes to get to know the participants and put these issues together. For those of you who view these submissions each month, I hope you are as inspired as I am to enjoy the world around you and take photos of your adventures.

I looked back at the past year’s features and was thrilled to realize how much had been shared by the featured photographers. In six issues, EB’s 36 featured photographers have shared 314 photos from 15 countries and 4 continents.  But what really makes this site so worthwhile is that the majority of each issue’s photographers were chosen by those in a previous issue. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people give exposure to photographers they respect, and this site wouldn’t be what it is without that kind of participation. I can’t wait to see what’s shared in the next year!

In the next couple of months I’m hoping to introduce a few new things to the site, including a shop with prints and some branded products. I’ll also be trying to add more content to the blog on a regular basis, including some in depth conversations with photographers who have been featured in these issues, and new people I come across on the web. If you’re not following Expedition Bureau on Instagram, be sure to do so! Just about every week you’ll find five eye-catching photos from Instagrammers shared in the feed. With around 275 photos shared, the gallery is filled with what I consider to be some of the best imagery out there on Instagram.

Lastly, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for the Issue Six Spotify Playlist – a collection of music listened to frequently while putting this issue together.

In the Current Issue

Alex Mortensen is a photographer, video editor, and motion graphics deisgner from San Diego, California. His submission includes photos a yearly backpacking trip to the Mono Recesses in the eastern Sierras in California. The Mono Recesses are a series of canyons that drain into Mono Creek, south of Mammoth Lakes. I don’t know a lot about the Sierras, but I’m routinely awestruck by the landscape and desolation in the region. It seems like the kind of place you could spend a lifetime exploring and discovering favorite places within. Alex’s photos are a small look at a vast place that feels like a world of it’s own. He was chosen for this issue by Issue Five photographer Matthew Lawless.

Maximilian MacEwan is a photographer from Sydney, Australia, who I came to know of on Instagram in October 2013 when one of his images was selected as a favorite photo of the week. His submission includes photos from a journey across the Isle of Skye in Scotland – an awe-inspiring landscape of mountains, valleys, and lakes. Most interesting within his submission is mention of the Nintendo game Pokemon Snap as not only a lesson in simple photographic technique, but more importantly an experience that inspired him to get out and explore the wilderness around him. Max was chosen for this issue by Expedition Bureau.

Atle Rønningen is a photographer from Oslo, Norway who I’ve also known through Instagram for several months, and who had one of his images selected as a photo of the week in February this year. With Norway being a place high on my list to visit some day, I’ve been captivated by the photos he’s posted, especially seeing the variety from both cold winter months, and warmer months. His submission includes photos from Preikestolen, Norway, and the iconic Pulpit Rock that you have no doubt seen photos of before. Just imaging walking to the tip of the cliff in some of his photos makes me uncomfortable. Atle was chosen for this issue by Issue Five photographer Corinne Wyss.

Chris Moody is a photographer from the United States, and his submission includes photos from Havasupai Canyon, found within the larger Grand Canyon in Arizona. The Havasupai American Indian tribe who inhabit the area have a history in the area lasting 800 years, and the village of Supai, found within the canyon, is known as the most remote town in the contiguous United States. I love reading about remote and desolate places within the United States, and Havaasupai Canyon caught my eye in an article about such places. His submission includes a variety of photos from the adventure, and I personally love that he lists two of my favorite bands – Built to Spill and Explosions In The Sky – as creative influences. Chris was chosen by Issue Five photographer Nicola Odemann.

Mike Seehagel is a photographer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who becomes yet another featured photographer who is lucky to live close to an incredible variety of landscapes in northwestern Canada. Within his website you’ll find an enviable amount of hiking and camping photos, lonely forests, tranquil lakes, and of course, lots of mountains. His submission includes photos from a helicopter trip in the mountains in Alberta, and it’s filled with snow-covered mountains and cliffs. Mike was chosen by Issue Five photographer Robb Thompson.

Cody Cobb is a photographer from Seattle, Washington who is helping affirm my philosophy that people can visit the same exact places and leave with remarkably different ways of capturing their experiences. His submission includes photos from a trip to Maui, Hawaii; if you’ve been following EB since the beginning, hopefully you’ll recall a feature on Maui from the first issue in June 2013 from photographer Jeremy Klapprodt. Cody’s photos of Maui mostly capture the barren volcanic terrain found in the crater of Haleakalā, a 25 square-mile depression within the larger volcano. He was chosen by Issue Five photographer Reuben Wu.

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