Issue Four – January 2014


Welcome to Expedition Issue Four. I’d really hoped to have this out in December, but the end of the year completely got away from me. I’m thrilled, though, to put this issue out, and some of the features are really making me wish it were spring or summer already. Here in Chicago, we’re in the midst of what has been the coldest and snowiest winter I’ve experienced in the twelve years I’ve lived here. There have been at least four or five days so far with highs that didn’t get above zero degrees Fahrenheit, with wind chills far below that. It’s been really tough, to say the least.

I’m always really excited for the start of a new year, and among several new years resolutions, one of the most significant for me was to devote more time to being outdoors. I seem to always want to take camping trips at the last minute when no spots are available. I’m hoping this can be a year where I really commit to planning things well in advance so that there’s always something to look forward to. There’s adventure to be found everywhere you look, but you still have to take the time to make it happen. That makes it all the more inspiring to see how the photographers here devote time to pursuing what they love.

It’s exciting to see such variety in this issue; as I’ve probably said once before, the choice of location and photos from each photographer is completely up to them. The thought of action and sports related adventure photography hadn’t crossed my mind until this issue, and as luck has it two of the submissions present a white water kayak adventure in Oregon, and a collection of images from the Crankworx mountain bike festival in Whistler British Columbia. There is also the first submission of wildlife photography, and that’s definitely something I hope to see more of in the future.

Be sure to scroll down for the Issue Four Playlist, containing plenty of music that helped get this issue put together. There will be a dedicated page for these and future playlists soon.

Issue Three Photographers

Peter Eriksson is a photographer from Tyresö, Sweden. There’s a really unique quality to Peter’s black and white landscape photos – they are at the same time full of mystery in how the dark exposures make you feel like there are no other people around for thousands of miles.  His submission includes photos from Österlen, Sweden, a town on the Baltic Sea. Peter was chosen by Issue Three photographer Dan Isaac Wallin.

Isaac Lane Koval is a photographer from Portland, Oregon. His feature includes some impressive white water rafting photos taken of one of his friends dropping a serious waterfall in Oregon. Along with participant Justin Mullet, Isaac is yet another person living in the Pacific Northwest who’s images make me really crave a trip there to see a part of the country I’ve never visited before. Isaac was chosen by Issue Three photographers Matt & Agnes Hage.

Alexander Kopatz is a photographer from Norway that I’ve come to know of on Instagram in the past several months, and his feed has always impressed me both in the moods his photos convey, and the high quality of the wildlife photos he posts. By day Alexander is a wildlife biologist, and his submission includes photos of bears that he studied with colleagues in Suomusalmi, Finland.

Seth Hardie is a photographer and designer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I came to know of Seth in early 2012 when he posted an article on iso50 about making geometric art with various iPhone apps that became a huge inspiration to me as I was starting to make similar images. Seth’s imagery – whether geometric art or photo edits – has a distinct style that definitely takes work to pull off so that the right mood is presented. His photos of Marble Canyon in British Columbia combine his stylized approach to photos with a somewhat apocalyptic surroundings of the forests and mountains. Seth was chosen by Issue Three photographer Owen Perry.

Anthony Smith is a photographer from San Clemente, California, who is afforded some great photo adventures through working for Bike and Powder magazines. Mountain biking is something I wish I was able to do frequently and at a high level, so the variety of biking photos on his sites definitely make me envious of the fun he’s able to have with biking and photography. His submission includes photos from the Crankworx mountain bike festival in Whistler, British Columbia. Anthony was chosen by Issue Three photographer Lance Gerber.

Justin Mullet is a photographer from Newport, Washington who was feature in the EB blog a few months ago. I originally found Justin’s website earlier in 2013 when I was doing some research on VSCO Film, and his outdoor photos quickly made me love both the style of imagery he was producing and the scenery he has available to him in the Pacific Northwest. He seems to have some great adventures in the mountains and forests around him, and his submission includes photos from a hike at Hall Mountain in northeastern Washington.

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