Issue Five – April 2014


Welcome to Expedition Bureau Issue Five, and welcome to a new season, depending on where you live. Considering that spring is arriving across the northern hemisphere, I doubt I’m alone in wishing that winter could last a little bit longer, but also excited for warmer weather, being outdoors more, and having something other than snow to take photos of (here in Chicago, anyways!). Living in Chicago for the past 12 years after growing up in Texas, I definitely became a winter person quickly, but I’d be crazy to not look forward to several months without snow; Chicago was just 10″ shy of setting an all time snow record for the 2013/2014 winter, with 79 inches altogether. Some love it, most hate it, but as a snowboarder, I’ll take all I can get.

I was fortunate to get in 20 days snowboarding this year between weekends in the Midwest and trips to both Breckenridge, Colorado, and Snowbird, Utah. I’ve been to Breckenridge several times and learned how to ride there during college in the late 90’s. Utah was a new destination for me, and while the snow could have been better, the mountain at Snowbird did not dissapoint in terms of scenic beauty. I don’t ride much with a DSLR, but between my iPhone and a Nikon point-and-shoot, I feel like I took photos as much as rode. I did take my D90 to the top on the tram a couple times and had a blast taking photos of the surrounding mountains and cliffs. I’ve got a collection of photos on my Vsco Grid, and more to come soon to my website after I finish a redesign that’s in progress.

The fun thing about adventures like these is realizing that so many people have come and gone from these places, using photography to capture what’s special to them. You can’t help but be blown away by the beauty of mountains in the winter – whether you do winter sports or just take photos, or both. I went through some serious withdrawal after the trip to Breckenridge in February; it’s one of the most special places in the world to me. It’s hard to return to normal, but very easy to think about how and when you can return to a place you love.

Photography is an amazing way to make memories, but nothing can capture the combination of visual and emotional memories that come with being in a beautiful place, seeing the world with your own eyes. Some of the submissions in this new issue really got me thinking about that, and how as photographers we even come close to portraying how overwhelming a place can be. Each of the submissions in Issue Five – like previous issues – offer an inspiring look at how photographers have chosen to capture their memories. I can’t thank all of the EB participants enough for being a part of Expedition Bureau. It’s really been fun watching this site grow!

Lastly, and as with the two previous issues, I’ve posted a Spotify playlist of music that was enjoyed while putting this together. It’s included at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

In the Current Issue

Reuben Wu is a photographer you may know from outside the world of photography. As a founding member of the British band Ladytron, Reuben is a musician from England who has been traveling the world with the band since the early 2000’s. Along the way he’s taken photos to document their travels, but started taking photos more seriously around 2008. His imagery seems to show up across the web on a variety of websites, and it’s really cool to see how it has been incorporated into the band’s visual style. His submission includes Polaroids from a trip to the Atacama Desert in Chile, and he was selected by Issue Four photographer Alexander Kopatz.

Anders Nicander is a photographer from Jörlanda, Sweden.  He took up photography as a writer for a sport fishing magazine in Sweden, needing photos to accompany his articles. His submission includes black-and-white photos of Havøysund, Norway, a fishing village on the northern edge of the country. The included images seem perfect as black-and-whites; they’re a great example of how choosing B&W can convey a completely different mood than color images.   Anders was selected by Issue Four photographer Peter Eriksson.

Nicola Odemann is a photographer from Muenster, Germany. Her submission includes some outstanding photos from a hiking trip in the Dolomites, in northern Italy. Northern Italy is high on my list of future travel destinations, and her submission makes me all the more eager to visit there someday. Her images are all captured with film on a Nikon F65; I always admire the dedication it takes to have no idea how things will turn out when only using a film camera. Nicola was selected by Issue Four photographer Justin Mullet.

Robb Thompson is a photographer from Vernon, British Columbia, in Canada. Robb got into photography around three years ago through a combination of iPhone photography and Instagram inspiration, leading him to eventually make the jump to more serious DSLR photography. He’s yet another participant that makes me incredibly envious of the world people have around them in the Pacific Northwest. His submission includes photos from a mountain bike trip at Little White Mountain in British Columbia – a stunning landscape of mountains and rolling hills I’d be happy to camp at for weeks. Robb was selected by  Issue Four photographer Anthony Smith.

Corinne Wyss is a photographer from Baden, Switzerland who I’ve come to know on Instagram in the past several months, and one of her photos of the Matterhorn was one of EB’s Instagram Favorites earlier this year. With Switzerland easily being one of my top two vacation destinations within the next couple of years, I have really enjoyed seeing her photos from across the country; I don’t think there’s a single place that isn’t worthy of great photography. Corinne was selected for this issue by Expedition Bureau.

Matthew Lawless is a photographer, filmmaker, and motion designer from San Diego, California. His imagery is full of textures and colors; so many of his photos capture scenery in a way that seems totally unique to him and come with double exposures, mirrored images, and other effects. He had an early start with his visual creativity, making short stop motion films at the age of 8 with a Steven Spielberg Lego Movie Maker set (look it up here; what a cool thing to have as a kid). Matthew’s submission includes photos from Blacks Beach at Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego. He’s also got a cool short video of the location on his Vimeo page.  Matthew was selected by Issue Three photographer Lance Gerber.

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