Tell us about the location in the photos.

This past weekend I hiked into the backcountry of Desolation Wilderness with my great friends Colin Delehanty, Kyle Frost, Wes Walker and Shara Esbenshade. Desolation is a a protected wilderness area within El Dorado National Forest in Northern California.

Our destination was Lake Aloha, a beautiful group of small lakes and ponds about six miles into the backcountry from the trailhead. Being so late in the season (Nov 15th) we were expecting a cold snowy night—thankfully the snow never dumped on us. But the cold wind did batter us the entire time we were out there. We had to rely on heat from our little cooking stoves.

How did you get started in photography?

I’ve always enjoyed creating. When I was younger, it was drawing—like most kids. Throughout high school it was a music, playing guitar and piano. After high school came the camera.

I found these old SLR cameras covered in dust in the storage room that belonged to my father and grandfather that really intrigued me. I wanted to take them out and learn how they worked, it instantly clicked with me for a few reasons:

1. I love that I’m able to preserve and capture a real moment. I very, very rarely capture staged or posed moments. I love being able to capture moments from real experiences that I’m having.

2. Being able to share and capture those moments for friends and family. Almost all of my favourite photos are from amazing experiences I’ve shared with other people.

3. To hopefully inspire others who view my photos to go have experiences of their own. That’s always on my mind, how I can help and motivate others to grow.

Does anything in particular influence your photography style?

I take great inspiration from many photographers who I’m fortunate enough to call friends, one of them being Colin Delehanty. The outdoors, and mountains specifically are also definitely a big inspiration to me. It’s where I’m happiest and I love being able to capture it and share it with others.

What photography gear do you use?

Whatever I have available. That’s typically my Nikon D610, Minolta x700 and iPhone 6.

Are there any products you swear by?

Not exactly. I think this quote sums up my thoughts on photography gear pretty well: “Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about time, masters worry about light.”

To me, being a photographer is being able to capture a photo that conveys the same feeling of actually being there with whatever you have in hand. I get hundreds of emails asking me what sort of camera I shoot with, people don’t realize they’re asking the wrong question. It’s not what you shoot with, it’s what and how you see.

What is your dream adventure photography location?

I would love to do a long trip through Scandinavia. Backpacking through northern Sweden, Finland, and Norway.



Name Julian Bialowas
Location San Francisco, California
Featured In Issue Eight - December 2014
Gear & Equipment Cameras: Nikon D610, Minolta x700, iPhone 6
Websites Website, Instagram
Chosen By Jared Atkins