Benoit Falardeau – Lake Powell, Utah

Photographer Benoit Falardeau, from Montreal, Quebec, recently took a trip to the western United States, and came back with these impressive arial shots of the Lake Powell area in Utah.

Photographers - June 10, 2016

Michael Lawrence Mantese – Yosemite National Park

For as long as I’ve been into beautiful places and mountains – long before I ever really did much photography – Yosemite National Park in California has possibly been the most captivating of any US travel destination for me. Sadly, I’ve never been there, but I think it’s one of the places I most enjoy […]

Photographers - April 13, 2016

Tim Navis – The American West

Photographer Tim Navis has made a full switch to film-based photography after years of shooting digitally and occasionally with film. His updated portfolio with new photos of the American West show him fully immersed in the beauty of the landscapes, and the purity of non-digital photography.

Photographers - February 29, 2016

Photographers: Thorsten Nunnemann – Aachen, Germany

I came across Thorsten Nunnemann’s photography recently on Flickr and spent quite a while browsing the beautiful photos he’s taken of various places around the world. The mountainous photos of Allgäu, Germany, shown below along with a few others, are breathtaking. Thorsten lives in Aachen, Germany, and takes photos with a Fuji X-E2 und Fuji X100s. View more of […]

Photographers - June 5, 2015

Photographers: Julia Joppien – Berlin, Germany

Some really exceptional photography from Julia Joplin, a photographer who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. I absolutely love the tones and textures to her images, which she shot with a Fuji XPro 1. These are just a small collection of her photos, so be sure to check her out on VSCO Grid and Flickr. […]

Photographers - May 22, 2015

New Portfolio Site from Tim Navis

I’ve known that EB Issue One photographer Tim Navis was working on a new portfolio site for a quite a few months, so it was exciting to see that the new site was launched yesterday. It’s filled with an impressive collection of film and digital photography from the past six years, plenty of which he shot […]

Photographers - September 10, 2014

Ken Kellogg High Desert House Photographed by Lance Gerber

It’s really cool to see that Issue Three photographer Lance Gerber has had the honor of photographing one of the most incredible homes you will ever see – the Ken Kellogg designed High Desert Home in Joshua Tree, California. Billed as “the most important architectural house you may have never seen,” the home was completed […]

Photographers - February 2, 2014

People: The Photography of Vorrarit Anantsorrarak

Vorrarit Anantsorrarak is a photographer I’ve followed on Flickr for quite a while, where he goes by the name CoolBieRe. Vorrarit is a landscape designer living and working in Singapore, but from a look at his feed you’d think all he does is travel the world and take some of the best photos you’ll ever see. […]

Photographers - January 5, 2014

Out of Eden – Paul Solapek’s Trek From Africa to South America

Paul Solapek’s incredibly journey by foot from Ethiopia to South America, taking approximately seven years.

Photographers - November 27, 2013

People: Anthony Ciannamea

Anthony Ciannamea is a Chicago friend, filmmaker and designer,  who currently lives in San Francisco. He recently travelled around the US on a Ghostly International tour with Shigeto, Beacon, and Nightmoves (three great musicians you should check out if you’re not familiar with them) doing visuals each night for Shigeto. Along the way he took […]

Photographers - November 1, 2013

Nick Brandt – Lake Natron, Northern Tanzania

These incredible photos of petrified animals in Lake Natron, Northern Tanzania have been making the rounds on the web the last couple days, and they’re from photographer Nick Brandt’s new book Across The Ravaged Land. The animals become petrified due to the lake’s constant pH of 9 to 10.5—an extremely basic alkalinity that preserves these creatures […]

Books & Maps, Photographers - October 3, 2013

People: Justin Mullett Photography

Justin Mullett is a photographer and nature enthusiast from eastern Washington whose images have made me all the more intent on visiting the Pacific Northwest someday. Oddly, it’s the only corner of the US I’ve never visited, and Justin’s photos wonderfully depict the variety of outdoor scenery available to people in that region. Visit his […]

Photographers - September 23, 2013

Adrift – San Francisco Bay Time Lapse from Simon Christen

Simon Christen is a San Francisco photographer who recently released his second time lapse project, entitled Adrift. It is a beautiful video of fog rolling in and out of the San Francisco bay area. As described on Vimeo: “Adrift” is a love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area. I chased it […]

Photographers, Video - August 2, 2013

The Quest For Inspiration – Alexandre Deschaumes, Ethereal Photographies

I just came across the preview for this documentary on Vimeo, and I really like the looks of it. I feel like I’m always looking for this kind of photography documentary, but they seem to be a rare thing. If you know of anything similar or other nice documentaries, let us know in the comments. […]

Photographers, Video - July 27, 2013

Michael Marten – Sea Change Photographs

I’m not sure who created these animated gifs, but they include the photography of Michael Marten, a British photographer who has done a great series of high/low tide photographs for his book Sea Change. The book and photo series include coastal locations around the UK. The photos can be found on his website under the […]

Photographers - May 6, 2013

Chris Hadfield – Photos From The International Space Station

Commander Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut currently working aboard the International Space Station. He previously flew two space shuttle missions, was the first Canadian to walk in space, and is also the first Canadian to command the ISS. I recently came across his photography on a news program, and he’s been pretty prolific in […]

Photographers - April 9, 2013

Walking Across America: Tim Navis – American Outlier

If you’re a photography lover, hopefully you’ve come to learn of LA photographer Tim Navis over the past few years; his work is often found on a variety of design blogs and photography sites, such as iso50, where he is one of several contributors to the blog. Tim got into photography around 2007 as a […]

Photographers - April 9, 2013

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