I’m happy to kick off the month of April 2016 with the second installment of the Monthly Playlist with a nice selection of music from Swiss photographer Pascal Küng. Pascal was featured on Expedition Bureau in August 2013 with a feature on the lakes and countryside of Sweden, and I’ve really enjoyed following his journey as a photographer since then. Since his feature, he’s branched out from landscape photography and has shot several bands at festivals, including Swiss band Al Pride, for whom he recently shot promotional imagery, and bands like The War On Drugs, Teen Daze, and several others.

His photo website, Summer Washed Out,  is characterized by the interplay of his love of music and nature. Pascal is a big fan of the band Washed Out, and their music often accompanies his wanderings through nature and let him dream. This dreaminess, the warmth of summer colors and the so called “washed-out” style are giving an unmistakable expression to his pictures. I asked him how what role music plays when he’s editing photos behind a computer, and he had the following to say:

“I always listen to music. It is a very important part of editing and working behind the computer. I try to choose music which is mabye suitable to the project which I am working on. For me personally it is important that during my work, the mood in the emotional aspect fits. The music is an appropriate mix of emotion and dreaminess, which takes place at the moment, while editing the photos. This reflects Summer Washed Out in my own imagery.”

Listen to the playlist on Spotify, or in the player below.

AlPride1 WarOnDrugs Outdoors2 Outdoors1 PascalHeadshot

Above: Pascal Küng – Self Portrait

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