Expedition Bureau is a blog about photographers and their favorite adventures. I launched the site in 2013 to share the work of inspiring photographers, giving them a place to talk about their most memorable photo excursions, the stories behind the photos, gear they use, and other topics. Since then, more than 40 photographers have been featured, with more than 350 photos shared from stunning places around the world.

The featured photographers are given the opportunity to select a photographer they admire to be featured after them. From far-flung locations around the world to our own cities and backyards, there have been some outstanding submissions since 2013. The Internet has made peers out of so many of us, and the chance to bring exposure to impressive and inspiring photographers is a big part of why I started Expedition Bureau.

The Internet has also given us immeasurable access to photography that is quickly digested and forgotten about. EB share’s the stories and inspiration behind photography and the experiences people go through to capture something memorable. Along with larger monthly features, you’ll find blog posts about photographers and scenic locations, and the bi-weekly Instagram favorites.

In 2016 I’m putting an even greater emphasis on music in the blog. Music is a huge part of my life, especially when I’m working or editing photos with headphones on, looking for the right inspiration to get things done. Each month, I plan to have a featured photographer share a Spotify playlist that reflects the music they like to listen to when editing. I’ll also be sharing some ambient and instrumental music that I love to listen to.

If you’re interested in sharing something with EB for consideration on the blog, send a message here.

Founded By Michael Gallegly


I am a Chicago-based photographer, musician, and creative professional with a passion for travel and landscape photography. It’s exciting to provide a place for photographers to share their experiences and adventures with others on Expedition Bureau. I took up photography in 2009 and have since traveled to Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Paris, and around the US. My own photography and links to social networks can be found at MichaelGallegly.com.

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