Month: September 2014

Feature Locations

South Island, New Zealand

Mark Clinton is from Sydney, Australia, and he got started in photography around the age of 12 with his parents’ point and shoot camera, exploring the beauty of the Australian coast. He shares photos of snow-capped mountains and desolate beaches in South Island, New Zealand from a 2014 trip there.

Features - September 22, 2014

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Jared Atkins is from Seattle, Washington, and he has has amassed a wonderful collection of photos by exploring the landscapes around him, and through the inspiration found in the Instagram community. His submission includes photos from a hiking trip to Mount Rainier National Park, culminating in a beautiful night photo of the snow-capped mountain and the stars above it.

Features - September 22, 2014

De Kampina, Boxtel, the Netherlands

Robert-Paul Jansen is from the Netherlands, and he got started in photography in 2010, starting out with just an iPhone before moving on to more advanced camera gear. He shares photos of the dry and expansive landscape of the De Kampina nature reserve near where he lives in Boxtel.

Features - September 22, 2014

Icelandic Landscapes

Tommy Wooh is from Los Angeles, California, where he works as an art director, artist, and photographer. He shares photos from a trip to Iceland – a breathtaking place few people could get tired of photographing or looking at photos of.

Features - September 22, 2014

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Matt Bower is from Atlanta, Georgia, and he got his start in photography during college while traveling around rural towns in the southern United States. He shares film-only photos from a seven day climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.

Features - September 22, 2014

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Razlyn Cavazos is from Portland, Oregon, and she’s one of several photographers I’ve come to know on Instagram in the past year that make me very envious of those who live in the Pacific Northwest. She shares photos from a day trip to Mt. Hood, Oregon, where you’ll see people skiing and snowboarding during the summer on the upper mountain.

Features - September 22, 2014

New Portfolio Site from Tim Navis

I’ve known that EB Issue One photographer Tim Navis was working on a new portfolio site for a quite a few months, so it was exciting to see that the new site was launched yesterday. It’s filled with an impressive collection of film and digital photography from the past six years, plenty of which he shot […]

Photographers - September 10, 2014

Instagram Favorites – September 5th, 2014

Every other week, Expedition Bureau shares five eye-catching photos from Instagram users. Click through for this week’s inspiring images.

Instagram Favorites - September 5, 2014

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